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Contact Computer Service's provides servers to small business's with 1 to 50 employees

We specialize in the small business market.  The SC5400 Below is just one example of

the many configuration's we offer.

The Intel® Server System SC5400RA


The Intel® Server System SC5400RA features 16 DIMM capacity by integrating two 8-DIMM memory boards on risers, which delivers up to 64GB of total system memory. In addition, the SC5400RA supports the Dual-Core Intel® Xeon® processor 5000 and 5100 series and 5300 Quad Core.


  • 16-DIMM 5U/Pedestal Server Board

  • Dual Intel® Xeon™ processors (Dempsey/Woodcrest/Clovertown) Note: uses 2U passive thermal solution

  • Intel 5000P chipset Blackford Chipset

  • Intel I/O Acceleration Technology

  • 16 fully buffered DIMMs via risers for 64 GB maximum capacity

  • Memory Sparing and Mirroring

  • Quad-Channel memory architecture

  • 6 Expansion Slots 3 PCIe x8, 1 PCIe x4 (x8 connector), 2 PCI-X 133/100 MHz

  • Hard Drive support: 6 SATA 3 Gb/s ports with S/W RAID 0/1/10

  • Optional Upgrade to S/W RAID 5

  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet (ESB2-E/Gilgal)

  • Integrated graphics (ATI RN-50 w/ 16MB)

  • Integrated Intel® Server Management with optional Remote Management Upgrade

  • Optional Intel Local Control Panel

  • Integrated with Riggins II BRP chassis (SC5400BRP)



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